The week of the ortho’s………


So  we are  doing the whole Cerebral Palsy thing for the week. The fortunate thing about being stuck on a farm is that our support group is really strong. Our community embraces Molly with open arms. It takes a village and all that……

But heading into the unknown… heading into the city where people are more ruthless and relentless with scorn and pity is scary. I’ve had to take an Espiride today and I took one last night. For the calm, you know?

We forget she’s Cerebral Palsy most of the time. Coz she does everything that we do and she neeks aan with life. But the difference is palpable around people who aren’t used to her sticking her tongue out and licking and sucking her fingers and open hands. A phase? We don’t know but she does it and it keeps her happy and quiet.

The sounds Molly makes are quiet diverse and can go from high-pitched screams of excitement, moaning and guttural noises when she’s annoyed. We know what they mean. I suppose for someone who doesn’t know, it’s very confusing and embarrassing because they don’t know how to react. So John and I over compensate with happy, high-pitched chattering which is EXHAUSTING.

I am so looking forward to the orthotics, but most of all the orthopaedic tackies. She needs them so badly. All in all, this is a good week. Something good to come out of it and quality time with my family. Even though, John and I are stressed out and treating each other with ill-disguised irritation.  It will all work out in the end.


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