Boys will be boys…


Having a farm boy for a son has it’s pro’s and cons. At the moment he’s into his pellet gun which gave me nagmerries and put me in a bad mood the whole of last weekend. Although I understand now, that by having a pellet gun, he is learning to be Gun Safe and will learn to respect and handle a rifle at a later stage. I still don’t like it.

“So” says Aidan, “you don’t like guns and snakes? What about sharks?”

“Yes” I replied, still trying not to be too much of a bang broek and save face in front of my son, ‘I love sharks”.

“Oh!” he smirks. I know he’s thinking: WHATEVER!!

I’m a careful mom. We have puffadders and ringhals snakes here. Right in my garden. The kids never play outside unsupervised. I’m a nerd like that. Too much can go wrong. I’m sorry to any nature lovers out there…but when it comes to snakes the only good snake is one that has had it’s head bashed in by Lizzie or Zizike and draped lifeless over my garden gate. We hang them there, so all the other snakes can see. As a warning, you see?

Aidan always makes holes in his pants. At the knees. Round the back, the front. Anywhere possible. I don’t know how he makes holes in his pyjama’s. His pyjama’s?  When does he get a chance? Out the bath and then TV time. When in that time did he manage to rip his pyjama’s?

At the end of the day, the way Aidan looks at the world is exciting and fun. He makes us laugh with his pranks… He ages me when he runs sobbing and screaming in the house with blood pouring down his face or foot or hands…

All I can say, is thank you for Germaline and Dettol…


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