Another birth story from the farm….


I forgot to mention that this past Monday I made another labour run to the local Hospital.

My Ironing lady runs breathlessly into my framing room, “We have a problem”.

“Yes”, I reply annoyed at the interruption.

“My sister’s about to have a baby and the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Please take her into town.”

So off I dashed, pregnant fairy groaning on the backseat. I arrived at the hospital at 9-30am. When I arrived home, Noza walked into my framing room at about 10am and told me the baby had just been born and it was a little girl. We arrived in the nick of time. Don’t think I could have coped with a birth on my back seat.

But I have vowed to my staff that when we get back from Jozi, I’m organising a sex talk on the farm to re-educate and remind everyone to  u-condomize .We’re having a baby a week on this farm. Born to unwed young mothers.

I’ll organise the talk but the rest is up to them.


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