It’s my 39th birthday tomorrow….


Its my 39th birthday tomorrow. I don’t mind birthdays as such. But I’m not a celebrator, of getting old. 30 is the new 20 and blah blah blah!!! Next year I will look 40 straight in the eye! I will tell her not to get fresh with me, that I’m still the boss, that she will not dictate my outlook on life and to mind her flipping p’s and q’s with me. Age is so all-consuming at the moment with me.. Time is tick tocking away.  But today I wil breathe and appreciate all good things In my life and pray and hold thumbs for my friend that had two embryos implanted today. Please God,let those little darlings grow into babies and grow into hope and faith. Grow into a new life.



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  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! You need to plan a big bash for next year! For my 40th we had a body painting party. It was amazing, best fun ever!! Next year we are 45 (hubby and I) and we are going to have another one. Really need to shed a few kilos first though!

    PS: also from Eastern cape area

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