Raising the flag and other stories…


Being married for almost 12 years, one almost shifts into a semi-comfortable state with one another. Call it semi-conscious if you really want to be truthful. Operating on auto pilot. Like talking in bed. A romantic moment clouded by everyday chores and discussions.

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a talker. John used to buy a huge packet of biltong for me to chew on while I used to walk around the golf course with him. Back in them days. The days before we got married and I was in love enough to walk around the golf course with him coz I didn’t want to be anywhere else. So I used to chew biltong and gaze lovingly at his rippling muscled forearms as he lifted his arms to wallop the golf ball. You get the picture?

In bed it’s a different story. John gets annoyed with me if I bring up mundane topics while he’s um…busy on the..um job. So he keeps me busy.

The other day during the celebratory raising of the flag, he asked me a question…I couldn’t reply.

My mom always taught me never to talk with my mouth full…


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