Inspiration on our doorstep…


Being in Jozi last week gave me the opportunity to feed my habit. What habit you may ask? I love individually designed pieces of furniture. But not just any furniture….furniture that’s been recycled and made into something functional. It’s functional art.

And well I love functional art. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know, I hate anything contrived and wasteful.

That’s why I love Weylandts SO much. So simple and functional. (I’m using the word functional a great deal today, aren’t I?)

Here are a few pieces I loved at Weylandts. Some are not recycled but I love them anyway.

Here is the link to Weylandts: an awesome showroom. The website doesn’t do the shop justice.

We have a local decor shop called Bali Homes:

Here is something that I just love from their shop.

funky and fun. And different.

So much around us to inspire us.

I took a few photo’s but I have to rush off to go and work, so can’t post them now.

Happy decorating…….


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