A bargain for the hormonal horror…….


I’m so hormonal today that I could easily have side swiped a few dumb asses on the side of the head…a number of times.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Koek! Vrek! “Jy is die domste drol….fok off!”

On a good note, I bought a darling little dress today for R400. When I got to the till, the cashier must have seen ,my limp hair, my wrinkled tired looking face and thought “shame, let me cheer this bag lady up”.

Guess what? She told me the dress was marked down to 250 good South African Rond! So, of course I did what any girl worth her salt would do….I bought this beautiful summer-ry, yellow and white striped scarf with the balance of the money.

What does it mean? I got the scarf for free! Of COURSE I did!

That cheered me up a little. Still…doesn’t vapourise the daily dimwits I deal with periodically.

Anyway, off to a Stud sale tomorrow. Stud, as in cattle and sheep, and not Stud, as in Earings!

laters baby…..


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  1. Fabulous bargain! I’ve been dealing with some of those dumbasses myself over the last couple of days. There should be somewhere we can send them to so that they can all be dumbasses together and leave the rest of us alone!
    Hope the sale goes well. xx

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