The family jewels……..


Staying at home today and refusing to budge. I’m sending John and Aidan off  to the sale and Molls and I are staying put. I need to be at home and catch up on framing and other chores. The holidays have started and I’m planning to frame and veg as much as possible. I’ll have an afternoon sleep for half an hour everyday at the very least.

Tomorrow we’re off to a 40th in a city 3 hours away. The theme is “Destination”, as in dress up in something that depicts your destination. So I’ve organised John to wear a traditional family kilt(with rods). Rods is another word for jocks, undies, brookes. If it’s a Queen on the throne, then “rods” have to be worn. If it’s a King in power then one can let ones family jewels swing loose. One can air ones bollocks.

Main Entry:
family jewels
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: male testicles
Synonyms: ballocks, balls, cullions, gonads, male genitalia, male genitals, male sex organ, nuts, rocks, testes, testicles

I plan to wear a lovely flattering (as much as possible) outfit with a tartan scarf. A Scottish lass. So our destination, as I’m sure you’ve summised, will be Scotland. John can carry off the kilt. He has muscular masculine legs. Well, it took me 2 hours yesterday to convince him of that. My chap doesn’t do dress up easily. In fact I had to almost drag him kicking and screaming into Scotland!

Wish us luck. Should be an interesting evening, what with 120 people there and us only knowing about 20 people!



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