thankkk goodness it’s holidays…


Well, I had a lovely weekend. Especially yesterday. The sun was out, we were with my folks at the beach house. The kids swam and played on the beach the whole day.

John watched the kids while I walked to the 3 sisters at Riet River. And as Summer grudgingly dragged her lazy ass over the first sand dune, and I saw the light dancing on the phosphorous waves, I felt God settling in. Faith in humanity and life restored. Vitamin D is most certainly a wonder drug. I don’t know how those Poms go so long without sunshine?

A cousin posted a status on facebook yesterday. He is 20 and doing ploughing contract work in the States, I think the female company is few and far between at the moment and from his post I don’t think he’s a member of the Bearded Clams yet.

This is what he wrote: “A dropped down tailgate,with a girl in a dress on some farmers field, a sweet kiss and a great taste of beer will do just fine now mmmmmmm”. AAhhhhh, isn’t that the sweetest, most romantic analogy ever.

I remember John and I on a dropped down tailgate many years ago. He was always trying to get me to lie down and watch the stars!

Well, Monday is here and the last term of 2012 begins in a week…bugger me senseless, if that doesn’t sound frightening?

Although………..I must mention that my favourite season is already filtering into the shops…Yes, Christmas. Normally by now, I would have started Christmas shopping and made lists. I hate last-minute shopping…I find it so vulgar, because I always land up buying senseless and thoughtless gifts.

laters baby




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