A letter to friends…


Dear Friends of a Mom whose daughter is not like your own,

Please don’t undermine or disrespect my daughter. And above all don’t disregard her. You have to watch what you say, because sometimes you can come across as tactless. Well, not all of you, rather one or two out of twenty. I know it’s annoying having to sometimes walk on eggshells when I’m in a sensitive mode, but quiet frankly, it’s not nearly as bad as the daily shite I have to put up with, so grow a pair!

Please don’t feign politeness or concern. I don’t care if you don’t mention my child. I don’t always care about your child either. I’d rather have no concern than tactless insincerity. All it does is annoy me and I seethe and imagine witty retorts I should or could have said when lying in the bath at night.

Please ask questions if you feel like asking questions. Your interest in my child is welcome.

Again, please don’t disregard my child. Ever. It’s so rude and disrespectful.

And above all, please treat my little precious girl with kindness. She reacts well to kindness and you may get treated to a glimpse of the awesome person that she is.

Thanks to most of you that handle this with aplomb and grace,

To the other 10%, come on, you can do better!

with fondest love




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