Discoveries this week…..


It’s funny how life has these twists and turns as you go along.

Discoveries this week:

  • I’m competitive on the road. I don’t like people passing me on a double lane, I have to restrain the urge to “put foot”.
  • I generally find people interesting.
  • I found the 50 shades trilogy dull as ditch water.
  • I found myself thinking about sex A LOT whilst reading the Trilogy.
  • I enjoyed going to a party with just Aidan this morning and not having to take Molls. I enjoyed not explaining to ignorant moms her story and making sure the nanny was looking after her properly etc I found her not being there less stressful and liberating. May God forgive me.
  • I received Aidan’s acceptance letter and school fees table for next year etc and I was filled with dread.
  • I’m getting my spark for life back
  • I’m getting better at handling the changes and constant manoeuvering of bounderies with Molly. Still am finding it more difficult the older she gets.
  • I am sometimes too straight with people which sends them into shock. Must learn more patience and tact.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. I love the ” I am getting my spark back” one. Honestly, I also find it easier to go to a party with just one kid and although none has issues like Molly, Instill find it liberating. So do not beat yourself up about that

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