Books and stimulation…


Read the latest Marian Keyes. It’s better than her previous two. Made me laugh out loud. Have to love the dry sarcastic Irish humour.

But….now I sit without a book to read. Well not quite without…..I have plenty..but not in the mood. All I know is that any sex scene will make me start dry heaving and perhaps bring up a little in my mouth. 50 shades of Grey has sorted me out for any curiosity I may have had with Mommy Porn. It’s not for me and it’s as dull as shite. So sick of cliterature.

I plan to read The Prophet for a little Intellectual stimulation and pragmatism. And maybe I’ll throw in a Jane Austin. It feels like 50 shades has taken my brain and wrung out any sense of intellect I may have had left. My brain is yearning for some facts, thoughts and beautifully written words. It’s like a sponge waiting for someone to pour a glass of water over it.

Think of me over the next two weeks. It’s going to be busy and I need to keep my cool and keep a clear head.




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  1. Busy with the new Joanne Harris, Peaches for Monsier le Clur, its lovely. (it’s kinda the 3rd in the Chocolat series – if you haven’t read that either, I recommend it highly!)

  2. the second was ‘The red lollipop shoes’, and was quite a dark tale. What others, umm..frantically grabs Kindle… If you’re into crime fiction, anything by David Baldacci, Michael Connelly and Lee Child. If you’re looking a Wilbur Smith for the new generation – Tony Park is cool. The Governor’s wife by Mark Gimenez is good. Easy reading – the Hnger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is awesome. There you go, that should keep you busy for a while. Do you have a Kindle?

  3. Did you see that Marion Keyes has written a cookbook? My mother has it – looks lovely.

    I’m reading the new Marina Lewycka book which seems good. I’ve enjoyed most of her books but not Two Caravans.

    And if you want a good laugh then Janet Evanovich is brilliant – start with One for the Money.

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