read sloth read…….


It’s 10-20am and Molls is still sleeping. She woke up during the night and decided to play ‘silly buggers” by laughing and shrieking and having a right old royal time. When she does this, I check up on her and we leave her safely in her bed. We have a rule in this house. 7-30pm to 6am is sleep time. If you choose to wake up during this time it is for your  own entertainment. You may be awake as long as you are quiet and in your bed. How you choose to spend your sleep time is up to you. (give or take a few loose parameters, as we know with kids)

All my ladies(domestics) have gone to town to sort something out with their Child Grants. Not sure what? All I heard was that they wouldn’t be here the whole of Thursday. After that my brain scrambled. I panicked coz I can’t really remember when last I made my bed and I’ve never cleaned the fireplace out.

I’m never alone in my house. It’s real treat. There’s always staff, kids and John. It’s an awesome opportunity to read and sloth and read again.

So off I go, to lie on my crisp, white 400 thread count Percale linen. I’ll read and read until I hear John’s  farm bakkie pull up and then I’ll run with amazing speed into the office and pretend I’ve been working the whole morning. My mamma never raised no fool.

You see, I have a lot of admin to do and a fair amount of framing…so my slothful reading session will not be completely guilt free. I am a woman after all. Guilt is part of my genetic makeup.

P.s Just completed The light between two oceans. Very good read and I’m halfway through the The Good Daughter. Also good. Set in Iran.


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that. I lie on my bed/couch reading but as soon as I hear DH’s car I hide the chocolate papers, slip my book/kindle under the pillow/cushion and make a dash to the kitchen hitting the kettle switch on the way. A good cup of tea and he generally doesn’t remember to ask how I’ve been spending the time.

  2. Sometimes when i hear the truck coming back I nip out the french doors to my study and wander in from the garden.. oh there you are i say in surprise.. good rule about sleeptime! c

  3. I long for a quiet empty house – which is clean, being left in an empty dirty house sort of defeatst the point – but a day in my house to read, dose and drink tea sounds like heaven.

    If I ever get 15 minutes to lie and read, I also bounce up and make myself look busy when I hear Kennith’s car arrive. I am almost sure if he found me once reading on the bed, he would then announce that I am ALWAYS lying on the bed reading.

    Not true, as I am often reading blogs and commenting on Facebook!

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