Charly’s bakery…..


I have to dedicate a post to my new favourite TV programme called Charly’s Bakery. Awesome.

Why do I love it?

  • the girls very rarely wear makeup
  • they’re on the voluptuous side
  • they wear singlets and tie their hair up
  • they always look pretty
  • they’re always laughing and enjoying themselves
  • all that cake………….all, all, all, all, all, all that cake………….

It’s about an awesome bakery with a strong Cape Town flavour. You know…the deep social conscience and strong arty vibe coupled with the Cape Town accent. Proudly South African. It’s produced by Justin Bonello, who is plat weg, not about any pretentiousness and very straight. Always a winning formula.

have a peek at their website…although I have to warn you… it doesn’t do them any justice. Rather watch the cooking programme on the Food Network.


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  1. I watched the Charley’s Bakery programme when it first came on SABC 3, they have now taken it away and put it on pay to view tv….makes me spit when they do that with favorite shows. I can’t afford to have DSTV, we like to eat in our house! xx hugs from Cape Town xx

  2. ooo … me lovey them, too! Just up my stovepipe! But have to agree with sharon… all repeats, ex SABC 3. So typical DSTV …. ruin everything over and over and over and over. Except now, I get to pay R700 p.m. for watching the same old crap. Even put me off Toddler’s ‘n Tiara’s, somewhat. I like channels 170 and 171 – all the crime channels. Seemed to miss them when they were up in the 200 channel slots. So all ‘news’ to me …. till next week.

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