That’s what I want….that’s what I want…


At the moment, I’m sitting in front of my computer with nothing substantial or important to rant about on my blog.

It’s just that I’m just happy at the moment. Like in content you know?

I think it’s because I sketched the other day. Yesterday I tried a landscape in pastels. But I’m truly shite at landscapes. I can’t get the textures right. I seem to have a ‘better’ flare for figures. Not faces though.

I think that sketching or painting is almost like taking a drug. It stops you. It stops you dead in your tracks. You look at what you’re drawing and you immerse and absorb everything about that picture. I think it’s a good time for your body, or in my case, my mind, to stop, take a deep breathe and just rest. It feeds my soul.

Most art feeds my soul. Almost like music from  Louise Carver Unplugged, or Rodriguez, or my all time favourite The Soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. That Otis Redding knew how to get ones hips to bump and grind. and thrust.

Just fun music, art and simplicity to rest my mind and restore my “gees’…

That’s all I need at the moment.


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