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Thy shalt not comment…….


My mom is on facebook.

Frankly she’s annoying me.

She comments on my photo’s on my status’s. She continuously uploads comments and sayings and shares every-effing-thing that she possibly can share.

NO! Mothers must be seen and not heard on facebook. It’s an unspoken rule.

Thy shalt NOT comment on thine child’s facebook status’.



end of the year salti crax……


Great that Summer has shown her face for more than 3 days. Another stunning sunny day.

So horray (I hate the word hurrah), for warm weather and the promise of lazy days in the pool, sundowners, sunburn and cheerful dispositions. and of course work in between.

Jingle bell rock, the smell of pine shedding on my new carpet (well, newish), the promise of a holiday for two weeks away from the same mundane-ness. I love everyone around me, but it’s great to have a break. To just re-group, chill and smell the sea. Those of you that live close to the sea, probably don’t realise the healing properties of the sea, I suppose just as I don’t realise the full healing properties of wide open spaces, our view of the valleys and mountains in the distance, of thorn trees and aloes, of blesbuck and Cape Vultures.

I’ve stagnated a bit on the Christmas present front and need to get my backside into gear.

One of my mom’s friends, adult children have discovered that their child is cerebral palsy. My mom is now the expert and is telling me what she told the friend about all the stages  I went through. You know, when you discover the cerebral palsy thaannnng. Well, I must say, I never knew I went through all those stages. If you detect an underlining undercurrent of annoyance, yes, you’d be correct! It’s still a raw emotional thing for us and remembering that time in the black whole of Calcutta (do you remember Auburn Alice?) is sort of stepping over private unchartered territory. surmising and bringing it up may result in a snapping puffadder. (that’s assuming puffadders could snap)

Although I didn’t snap, I courteously ended the phone call and moved on.

One month until I’m on holiday.

Yay for me!


The two new additions to our family….


Two weeks ago while browsing through a lovely art gallery in the nearest city, I came across two paintings by Lionel Smit. A few visits and a chat to my clever arty aunt in Cape Town, I have now bought them. He paints huge portraits. I have bought the smaller portraits from his Strip, Circle and Slice series.

They are so beautiful and I love them. They speak to me and from the very first time I saw them, I wanted them. Very similiar to a teenager and the latest Blackberry. I saw and I wanted.

The thing about art, be it visual, poetry, drama or even music, is, that it’s SO healthy to be inspired by it.

Well, I feel inspired when I see my two new babies.

Have a look

Hold thumbs for my Molls xxxx


So today I did a big thing. I put my big girl panties on and went and sussed out a potential school for Molly to go to next year. It’s a school for mentally challenged children. GULP. Even difficult to write, let alone say that out loud. School for the mentally challenged. Not an easy pill to swallow and heartsore at best.

Although, credit where credit is due and I’m handling it very well. So well done to me. Clap clap clap. Pat on the back and all that.

I feel at peace. I got such a good energy from the school, the teachers and the kids. Truth be told… I was impressed.

There are still lots of hurdles for me to jump. Like, taking Molls for Education assessments and Educational psychologists to test her IQ. Gulp. Getting her case reviewed by the Board, being put on a waiting list. and then we fill out an application form and we wait.

Please say a prayer for my little Molls. It’s the school for her. And as her Mommy, I say it’s the school for me too. Just think, a whole school of little Molly’s, a whole school of parents that will give me knowing understanding looks. Bliss, I tell you. and very comforting.

Holding thumbs. You must to.

Secret Santa


So I’ve joined this Blogger’s Secret Santa fun that the Stilletto Mom has started, see here:

Okay, so I’m picking up stompies a bit. I’ve read snippets here and snippets there. Anyone can do it. Blog readers too.

I think I have to post about things that I like.: (for the person that gets my name)

  • books (2nd hand my fave- poetry, classics, especially South African classics)
  • scarves (long ones to wrap around my triple chins and neck) nothing in brown tones
  • huge thick glass vases
  • anything with a bird motif, (not parrots, not vultures…small cute birds)
  • please wrap my gift beautifully. I’m very shallow like that. It depicts how much you like me. lol
  • anything arty or photographical
  • classical, blues, jazzy music (I love this folk rock band from Cape Town called Briar Rose)
  • hmmmmm, difficult to think around the 100 Rond zone…
  • I like Retro African things, and by that I mean things with Nguni’s, aloes, proteas, botanical drawings of indigenous South African plants. My favourites are Blue Plumbago, Aloe, Agapanthus, Clivia, Strelizia nothing with african animal prints, masks etc gahhhhh
  • anything from Yuppie Chef (not much under R100, but anyway…)
  • chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

So much more I could add, but we all have bills to pay and people to see.

I’m really very excited about this and can’t wait to see who I get to buy for. I get more of a kick in buying presents than receiving them.

P.S Please make sure that anything I receive can NOT be used by my kids, that it’s for ME alone. lol