Secret Santa


So I’ve joined this Blogger’s Secret Santa fun that the Stilletto Mom has started, see here:

Okay, so I’m picking up stompies a bit. I’ve read snippets here and snippets there. Anyone can do it. Blog readers too.

I think I have to post about things that I like.: (for the person that gets my name)

  • books (2nd hand my fave- poetry, classics, especially South African classics)
  • scarves (long ones to wrap around my triple chins and neck) nothing in brown tones
  • huge thick glass vases
  • anything with a bird motif, (not parrots, not vultures…small cute birds)
  • please wrap my gift beautifully. I’m very shallow like that. It depicts how much you like me. lol
  • anything arty or photographical
  • classical, blues, jazzy music (I love this folk rock band from Cape Town called Briar Rose)
  • hmmmmm, difficult to think around the 100 Rond zone…
  • I like Retro African things, and by that I mean things with Nguni’s, aloes, proteas, botanical drawings of indigenous South African plants. My favourites are Blue Plumbago, Aloe, Agapanthus, Clivia, Strelizia nothing with african animal prints, masks etc gahhhhh
  • anything from Yuppie Chef (not much under R100, but anyway…)
  • chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

So much more I could add, but we all have bills to pay and people to see.

I’m really very excited about this and can’t wait to see who I get to buy for. I get more of a kick in buying presents than receiving them.

P.S Please make sure that anything I receive can NOT be used by my kids, that it’s for ME alone. lol


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