Hold thumbs for my Molls xxxx


So today I did a big thing. I put my big girl panties on and went and sussed out a potential school for Molly to go to next year. It’s a school for mentally challenged children. GULP. Even difficult to write, let alone say that out loud. School for the mentally challenged. Not an easy pill to swallow and heartsore at best.

Although, credit where credit is due and I’m handling it very well. So well done to me. Clap clap clap. Pat on the back and all that.

I feel at peace. I got such a good energy from the school, the teachers and the kids. Truth be told… I was impressed.

There are still lots of hurdles for me to jump. Like, taking Molls for Education assessments and Educational psychologists to test her IQ. Gulp. Getting her case reviewed by the Board, being put on a waiting list. and then we fill out an application form and we wait.

Please say a prayer for my little Molls. It’s the school for her. And as her Mommy, I say it’s the school for me too. Just think, a whole school of little Molly’s, a whole school of parents that will give me knowing understanding looks. Bliss, I tell you. and very comforting.

Holding thumbs. You must to.


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  1. Awww what a great Mum you are! A friend of mine had to do some very hard soul searching with her little girl a couple of years ago and came to the realization that her child was never going to be the same as other children.
    My daughter is a couple of months older than hers and I am 15 years older than my friend so I was expecting to have some issues to deal with with my child but that has not been the case.
    Our girls love one another and even though my friend has had to put her child in a “special” school that little girl has flourished like you can’t believe.
    I think the fact that she gets to go to school at all has been the making of her and she has progressed in leaps and bounds.
    I wish you and your beloved Molly blessings and happiness in all the choices that you have to make, I know they are made with a loving heart!
    Hugs from Cape Town.x x

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