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secret santa where art thou?


oh where oh where is my parcel from my secret Santa?

so curious to see what I got… very excited too..

we leave to go on holiday tomorrow and I was hoping I would have received it before we left..but I’ll have something to look forward in the NEW YEAR!

So if your’e wondering why I haven’t thanked you…it’s coz i haven’t got it yet….

it’s all very thrilling..can’t wait…



the final countdown…


My final delivery is being delivered today. So my final framing for the year, will go late into tonight. The rest of my framing jobs will roll over to next year. Something to come back to and look forward to.

Looking back. I’ve had a great year in this little hobby business of mine. It can still grow and grow. But for now, my time is focused on my monkeys as they need me the most. Next year two big time-consumers in my life, will be shelved. Although 3 months ago I started sitting on the Soup Kitchen Commitee. But that’s something close to my heart. It’s quiet and we all just get on with the job. Working at grass roots level, has always been where I like to work best.

Well, need to get ready for the day.



Life is a box of chocolates….said Forest Gump’s mom


So today I raced into town and had a lovely facial. Blew the budget on  Gatineau products. John went pale when I told him what I spent. I reminded him of the Oldster Ipad App and how terrible I looked at 60 and he nodded while his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. My eyebrows were shaped by the best ‘pluck’ in town, waxed the top lip, waxed my chin and neck, had a peel-pedicure and then proceeded to finish my Christmas shopping. Arrived home at about 3-ish and then went onto the Christmas Book club. A lovely day. A hairless-ly lovely day.

We did Secret Santa at Book club and I got the most exquisite tray of chocolate from Woolworths. Luxurious and MASSIVE. Something I wouldn’t have bought myself in a hundred years.

John and I nibbled on a few chocs whilst watching Downton Abbey tonight. I bought series 1 and 2 through Kalahari. Everyone’s raving about it.

Tomorrow I have a Ladies Christmas lunch with a close circle of friends. My last ever with these particular friends, as next year I leave for greener pastures. Sad, but good to move on.

I bought my gift for the Tree of Joy today. For a little 11 year girl. I urge you to support this worthy cause. It’s run by Rotary and is a worthy cause. I know you’ve all probably done so much already but just think…..these gifts will be the ONLY new thing some of these kids will get the WHOLE year.

ooh feel like another chocolate…but I told John to take them and hide them where I can’t find them…. thank goodness

nightee night


Is that a candy cane? Or are you just happy to see me?


Why have I not written on my blog for a while?

I actually can’t answer that, except to say that I truly haven’t felt like it.

My energy has been focused on doing all the end of term stuff for Aidan’s school. Getting his boarding school stuff ready. Feel really sad and glad at the same time. Will elaborate on that later.

Taking Molly for her assessments. That in itself is sucking all the life out of me. But we are making progress.

Tomorrow I go for a wax, facial and paraffin pedicure. Start at 8am.

Just discovered this wonderful website called Divine place to bitch and moan about service delivery. Divine place to compliment service delivery. So I have. Just waiting for a response now.

I think John’s giving me a kindle for Christmas. So excited about that. I also want the latest Bryce Courtney (who snuffed it last week!!!) and a fly fishing rod and reel. So we wait and see.

With farmers you have to be SPECIFIC and to the point with what you want. You have to write them a virtual map, complete with aisle number and geographical co-ordinates. 3 steps to the left 30 steps to the right. Approximately to the extension chords, drill bits and nails and screws. You get my drift?

The dream of: If he loves me, he’ll know what I want. What I really want. Well…to be aint NEVER gonna happen. You will wait until the cows come home…you will wait until hell freezes over…you will wait until rigormortis sets in and the worms start chowing you in your grave and still…they need to be bloody told. So after you’ve thrown the tantrum to get their attention (done that), sulked for a day or two (done that too), slammed the plate of food down on the table (done that) sulked again, thrown another tantrum…you’ll start realising nothing works with these farm boys. It confuses them. They can’t understand what they’ve done wrong. So now, I’ve accepted it, I tell him straight. I hand over that list with purpose and determination.

And these poor boys..shame…for the most part..they buy the things on the list. They know they’re in the shit…they can’t fully work out why and so they buy jong…anything to keep the peace. Thats the way it works here in these here parts. The surprise they leave for when the lights go out…that candy cane poking you in your back on Christmas Eve? well…it’s not a candy cane. That’s the surprise!!! SURPRISE!!!

Christmas shopping almost done. One side of the family will have theirs delivered tomorrow. So just the other side to contend with.

anyway, just 5 days until we’re on holiday….