hello 2013….hiya…molo..siyabonga…siyabona…


Dear Me,

  1. Now, I know how much you love saying fuck. But really..you have to try to stop. you’re 39 now.
  2. The other things is, try to eat correctly. No more sugary things. like..choccies, marshmallows, left over party packs, biscuits, puds, WHATEVER! Sugar is the new heroin! and the sad thing is, is that you know this dumb ass!
  3. remember sugar is the new heroin!
  4. excercise more
  5. be more patient with John and the kids
  6. sugar is the new heroin!
  7. more outdoor activities and less couch potato
  8. love your neighbour as you love yourself
  9. sugar= heroin!!!!!!!!!
  10. try to cook with a little more inspiration

also on the upside:

  • stay confidant
  • carry on being a medical ball buster with Moll’s doctors
  • don’t sweat the small stuff
  • turf out any friends that are passengers
  • keep on your Gatineua facial regime

remember Sugar is the new heroin,

love me


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