thank you SEcret SaNTa…


Oh wow! We arrived back on Tuesday and so could only fetch my Secret Santa parcel on Wednesday(yesterday). I rushed into town and I got my parcel.

In true Countess style I ripped it open in my car, as I couldn’t wait another second. I was THOROUGHLY spoiled.

Whoever you are…THANK YOU, I loved the choccies, am totally stoked over the book and as for the scarf…so so so pretty and elegant. Thanks for making my day.

(I’m dying to know who you are, so send me a secret signal…I won’t tell Charlotte) 😉

Thank You!

345 346




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  1. Hi Kaz! SOOOOOO glad you liked it – one always worry’s that you get it wrong and the person you buy for ends up hating your gift 🙂 xxx

  2. Just wanted to leave a note and thank you very much for my secret santa package. The box you sent was full of so many awesome things. Thank you for the thought and effort you put into compiling it. 🙂

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