The one about the bird shit…


Today is a scorcher. Which is great as I have a friend collecting her framing later to take home to Sydney, Australia. I don’t envy her carting 3 sizable framed oils, luggage and two kids under the age of 7 on a plane for 24 hrs.

The thing is, is that the paint on the frames has to dry, hence the relief at the great weather. I left the one outside to dry after the 3rd coat this morning and a bird shat on it. The joys of living on a farm. So, she will be taking a little bit of Africa home with her.

Aidan has this awful vomiting bug at the moment. So I barely slept. He only vomited once, but when I’m awake, that’s me…done.

I need a project to sink my teeth into. Feeling a little bit bored.

Starting on a kitchen facelift, cold room, meat handling room project soon. And all my chairs and couches need recovering. All I need is to win the lotto.

Yes, a couple of mil, would go down a right treat round about now!


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  1. I host a (now) annual dinner party in february – the planning and crafting for that keeps me busy for an age… Love it!

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