The Drop Off Zone….


Well tomorrow we head off into the drop off zone! I’ve packed and marked and repacked again and again. Nothing left to do except cook all his favourite meals. Our main meal is at lunch and today I’ve made roast lamb, roast potatoes, veg and vanilla icecream for puds. We leave at at half one tomorrow. Boo Hoo.

I’m actually feeling fine. I think having a doctor sit across from you and tell you that your daughter is cerebral palsy sort of shifts things into perspective. Sending my excited (normal) little boy to hostel, where he’s going to a good (normal)school, have lots of fun, learn new sports, play and bond with lifelong friends doesn’t seem so bad? does it?

Aidan’s tuckbox is awesome. Fizzers, oreos, biltong, droe wors, chips, ceres fruit juice, tex bars, smarties etc it’s so cool. I’ve put all “mini” treats in there. Enough for 40 portions. They’re allowed tuck twice a week and allowed to choose 2 things. So that makes 2 x 2 x 10 weeks.

He has new linen, duvet covers, good quality sheets(he’s my child after all), pillow slips. All in funky bright stripes. I’ve used Ouma’s old feather pillow and told him that Ouma’s his guardian angel and when he gets sad he must know that she’s watching him. (he loved that and laughed and  fell on his pillow and patted it and said hello Ouma) These kids, so funny and filled with little quirks.

Aidan has a new uniform from new blazer, shirts, stationery, shorts, track suit and so on and so on. about R4000 worth. Bloody hell. John and I went quiet weak at the knees!

New, New Balance tackies, two new pairs of summer PJ’s, new jocks,  new black crocs (regulation, don’t judge me), school shoes, school bag and a shite load more.

So think of me tomorrow. I’ve planned not to cry, thanks to my little white pill from Dr M.

Will I miss him? ummmmmmmmmm yes! what do you think? I’m not made of stone


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