Blogging is not real writing…..


Uuuugh who feels like work? not me. lazy slug that I am today. feel like curling up with The Family Frying Pan by Bryce Courtney.

Unfortunately, need to put in a few hours today and….. who am I kidding, once I get started I love it!

Watched a movie on Saturday night and someone said on the movie that Blogging is not real writing just Graffiti with lots of exclamation marks! Well, being someone whose punctuation leaves a lot to be desired, I blushed and smarted at this remark. Blind one there!

What do you think?

Dropped Aidan off yesterday. He was very excited and brave. A bit like a lamb to the slaughter….

I cried when we drove off and have been fine ever since except for the lack of sleep and feeling tearful today… I’m fine. I don’t have a choice. So proud of my little chap, all his little friends, his little bed in the dorm. There are 5 boys in the dorm. 4 of them are farm boys and the 5th lives nearby. There are 20 boys in the hostel. Mostly from surrounding farming areas. Excellent hostel parents, 5 foundation phase teachers on duty with homework and general hostel duties, a lovely granny-type woman as a matron.

So today I phone at half 6 and I’ll see if he survived his 1st day.

Seriously? When I was pregnant with Aidan, I clearly didn’t get the memo about boarding school and sewing on all those name tags!!!!!!!


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