facebook befok…..


I’m such a facebook whore. I think I go against all unspoken facebook rules and principles.

If I like a photograph I click like. In fact if I like all 92 photos in an album, I’ll click like on all of them. So not cool. You’re supposed to be undercover and too hip to be on facebook. It’s probably the only place that voyeurism is perfectly acceptable in our society. Because like it or not facebook is a huge part of our society. I’d love to know how many man hours get wasted scrolling down one’s home page. Fk it, I know that when I’m bored or trying to escape I scroll, jong! I scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll all the summer’s day!

So this year I plan to make a concerted effort to spend less time on facebook. Well, I suppose I go through stages of being facebook befok and then stages of  not logging on for days at a time. Doesn’t help to have an iphone either. Thank goodness I don’t have BBM………I’d eers boer on the internet!


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