today is a new day….


As much as I’m missing Aidan, and we are, I can’t believe the lack of stress in my daily life. No-one KNOWS how HECTIC it is to cart and carry kids from school and sport unless you’ve done it or are doing it. I’m sitting back this term and I can’t believe how much less stressful it is. Taking him to school, fetching him. Eating lunch, rushing off to sport. Coming home, doing homework, sorting out supper, bathtime, bedtime. AND THAT’s only ONE child!

I have more time to spend with Molly. She’s still going to school, but I have way more time for her.

Maybe I’m trying to make myself feel better for sending my child to boarding school, but bloody hell…there IS a silver lining here. I worked it out, it’s just Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that I don’t see him. And it’s been difficult for me to relinquish responsibility to someone else, to entrust them to do his homework, to feed him, to orchestrate his extra murals. Not easy. (but once I tasted the freedom….well, in all honesty…it tastes…well….nice!)

Having said that…I can’t wait to speak to him tonight. Tuesday nights are bad nights. Last week he sobbed and begged me to fetch him. I’m holding thumbs it goes a bit better tonight.

On a completely different note, yesterday I went to a tea. I think I had a bit of a Toerets syndrome yesterday, as I do!  Can’t stop thinking about what I said? Very funny, but well……very inappropriate. We have friends that are getting married and “saving themselves” for the wedding night. Well she is moving from the big city to be closer to her fiance the month before the wedding. They will be staying in the same house as his folks. Except…. the folks are going on a 3 week holiday. So I opened my BIG BLOODY MOUTH and said: “Yes, there’ll be lots of Pre-marital dry-humping going on in that house!” Very funny, when you’re at the club, half tight on white wine spritzers, but so not fine at a tea. I’m very embarrassed and feel so bad. Everyone laughed but I still feel bad.

That was yesterday and today is a bright fresh new day…



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  1. Hahaha, at the tea comment – love it! I would not be offended if you said that while I was having tea, just so you know. everybody is thinking it anyway. 😉

  2. P.S. DH told me to tell you that he went to boarding school from Grade 1 and that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Of course he’s male so probably doesn’t really remember much of his childhood…

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