Big Week for us…..


So today I dropped Aidan off at school. Went much better. He cheerfully said goodbye and walked to his class. The more I go to the school, the more I love it. It has such a great atmosphere. Long may it last.

So Molly starts school on Thursday. Her first day at Big School in Phase 1. So proud of my little monkey.

I’ve started an Adult Sewing Class at our farmschool. The first get together is on Wednesday afternoon. We have 5 sewing machines and 1 overlocker. The machines are primarily for use for the older girls at school. They’ll have their lessons during school hours.  It’s a great skill to learn and something that they can use after school too. My long term plan is to teach sewing and then start making quilts and fleece blankets with a difference. Package them nicely. The income will go to the school and the sewing ladies. An empowering project for these amazing women. They won’t be fancy quilts. More quilts in the same colour tones and in squares. If we feel adventurous then I’ll get someone to teach ‘proper quilting’. The idea is to get the kids to all design labels and a name and then we choose the best one.

I feel excited about this. We’ll get a website up and running and focus on a Nursery/ Toddler range and a Vintage range. These are of course all my ideas and are subject to change as we grow and the ladies start becoming more independant. At the end of the day I’d like to be a rudder and just steer the ship, but the ladies must sail, fuel and manage it all. This will come with time. Do you have suggestions for names?

Anyway, altogether a big week in our household, what with Molls starting school, completing a building job at our house in town, some renovations on our house here, the sewing group, and the cherry….fetching Aidan on Friday. Oh yes….and some divine framing jobs I’ve just landed…… and to finish what’s on my work bench now….

Love it….


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  1. Can I join in the classes?My sewing machine is on my craft table and it stares at me daily begging me to actually learn!!

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