John and I have decided that this year is the year for pruning dead wood. Dead wood can come in the form of:

  • friends
  • charities
  • time wasting events

I say friends, because some friends I find, are those that add no value to our lives. You’re either in or you’re out. Have been a bit hard to a few already and I must say the come backs are remarkable. Respectful even.




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  1. I have done just that in my life over the holiday period and have discovered that those who “needed” me so badly in fact didn’t even make contact with me at all… loss!
    SO very pleased for you and Molly on Molly’s acceptance at her wonderful new school. xx

    • Lyska, you have not been pruned, so will meet you at S for breakfast. Is 9am okay. am meeting the cupboard man there tomorrow to throw some ideas around but will see you afterwards. looking forward to a catch up session.

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