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Movie(s) that made me cry……


  1. Bridges of Madison County
  2. The colour Purple (prob my favorite movie of all time)
  3. Nell
  4. Titanic
  5. Wuthering Heights
  6. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Schindlers list
  8. Spirit
  9. Cold Mountain (OMG!!!!!!)
  10. Steel Magnolias
  11. Faith like Potatoes
  12. My Sister’s Keeper
  13. Beaches
  14. My girl
  15. Dead Poets Society (do you remember crying over this one MJ?)
  16. Little Women
  17. Thelma and Louise
  18. Brokeback Mountain
  19. The Champ
  20. Hachi: A dog’s tale

Love crying in movies. LOVE IT!!!!! I give in to it properly! My shoulders heave, I snort and and my eyes puff up for days! Days, I tell you!


Valentines dinner and a right royal time….


Last night’s Valentine dinner was an absolute winner. Yay. Thought the wine and chocolate pairing would be ridiculed but the farmers embraced and loved it. Thanks to CharliesBird for the heads up and instructions. Made me look and sound like a pro!

Here is the link:

We started with the chocolate and wine pairing. I had a table laid out with a white tablecloth, ten glasses, and 5 bottles of different Leopards Leap  wine and 5 different kinds of Lindt Chocolate. Surprisingly the Chilli chocolate went down like a lead balloon with the favourites being the wine and Sea Salt and Mint combo.

I thought 5 couples a perfect size for the dinner party. The wine tasting wine was finished before we started dinner. While standing at the pairing table after the tasting, I served Cream of chicken, mushroom and veg soup in tall shot glasses. Went down well with some asking for seconds.

We then sat down and I served deep-fried camembert halves rolled in egg, flour and cooked couscous on a bed of fresh beetroot, rocket and red onion. accompanying this I had individual chinese spoons with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. with more wine.

The next course was deboned leg of lamb, stuffed with roasted almonds, spinach, onion, garlic. (must just say at this point that I deboned and tied the stuffed leg up myself with string. looked professional, thanks to YOU TUBE and google). I served this with roasted new potatoes, sweet potatoes and wedges of red onion and also steamed green beans. with more red wine!

For dessert I made mini cake pops, with a chocolate layer, heart-shaped chocolate brownies and a sliver of chocolate cheesecake.

Altogether a stunning evening, GREAT company, lots of laughs. John and I had a great time.

Now……on another note, am floundering a bit at the moment with framing. I have NEVER had so much work in my work room at any one time before. The work is piling in on a daily basis and I need to get cracking so I don’t lose the plot. I normally have a two-week lead time for delivery but I’m on about a months lead time at the moment. That’s how busy I am. Am grateful…..but phew tog mense!


what’s in my makeup bag?

eye shadow in shades of browns

ear buds


blush brush

Estee Lauder double wear


and my favourite lipstick of all time REVLON Colourstay Overtime. ETERNAL ROSE

I love make up. It transports me from a frump to someone who has confidence. Am at that age where I need to start wearing make up.

The pigmentation, spots and blemishes are frightfully bad and a bit of foundation can cover up a multitude of sins!!!

It’s frightfully hot here in the Eastern Cape at the moment. On a good note, John thought one of his cows died of Heart Water (which is VERY VERY serious) but got the autopsy results back from the vet and it was something completely different. Something not serious and unavoidable. Glad for his sake.

Have a great day………..


Fave baking recipe……..


I try to follow recipes. I do try. But I’ve yet to ever follow a recipe to the letter.

Here is Aunty Mickey’s cheesecake recipe. It’s easy and it’s the dogs bollocks!

1 pkt marie biscuits

150g melted butter (I only use about 80-100g)

Crush biscuits and pour in melted butter. Line the bottom of  a springform cake tin. Place in fridge.


1 tin condensed milk

1 tub smooth cottage cheese/cream cheese. I use fat-free and it still tastes great.

1 x 250ml cream

150ml lemon juice or 2 slabs melted chocolate for a choc version

2 t gelatine

Pour on top of biscuit base and place in fridge

when the filling is firm after a few hours you can make a topping. Not necessary though.

Take strawberries in juice and add 2-3 t of gelatine. pout over filling when tepid. If it’s hot itll melt the filling and look untidy.

you can do the same with mango, kiwi, granadilla etc etce

when it’s all set, gently loosen springform and release and serve on a cake stand.

A firm dinner party favourite as you can make it before and have more time to chat!!

last meal..chall 10


medium rare rump (not fillet)

salad (rocket, cucumbers, home grown tomatoes, red onion)

sweet potatoe wedges roasted

and anything chocolaty

p.s Aidan had his best drop off yet this morning. no tears or wobbles. He read 9 books this weekend. I like to see what’s going on with his schooling. Well we started reading Dr Seuss’s Wacky Wednesday, Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and ham and he just loved it. Couldn’t stop him. So 3 on Fri, 3 on Sat and 3 on Sunday. Makes me feel better to be part of things must say! That Dr Seuss just warms the cockles of my heart the way he appeals to Aidan’s humour.

Molly Mops is really attached to Fuzzy, our wire haired terrior, and dare I say it, has filled the gap when Aidan is at school during the week. They play for hours with her soft toys on her bedroom floor. I hear her howling with laughter. We have had a few casualties with eyes and accesories. Fuzzy loves to chew anything. So I have to keep an eye on him and wallop him every now and again.

Have a great week.


The meaning behind my blog name


The Fat Diaries began as a place to practise my writing and initially I was going to reveal my weight and my weight loss journey.

Whatever……..!! The weight loss has never happened. After this blog challenge at the end of Feb, I will have some bombshells to discuss. I’ve stewed over a few subjects lately, but have restrained myself.

So, wait for it, it’s coming.

I like blogging and I love writing. I need to be more uninhibited though. More truthful. and by truthful, I mean truthful by revealing things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Like my weight…or things I’m ashamed of etc etc. like my sneak eating chocolates. I think truth makes for the best kind of writing. Truth has stronger resilience. It is flawless in its execution.

I’d also like to write more about living on a farm and living in the Eastern Cape. The strong social divide. The hearty, colourful and warm people in the Eastern Cape.

I really love it here. and truth be told, Eastern Cape people, for the most part, are unpretentious and hospitable folk.

Unpretentious people just do it for me. am sure you’ve gathered that about me, by now!