Feb Blog Challenge # 1 -Self Portrait



self portraitI still like who I am. But I do feel as if in the last year, I’ve lost  my looks somewhat. (well…the last of what I had. ) Not helped by an APP on an iPad that photographs you and then shows what you’ll look like at 60. I did it on a friends iPad on the 5th of December last year and my self esteem is still in tatters. Fucking Apple computer geeks. Haven’t they got better things to do. Those fuckers!


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    • Ask L and MJ. This drawing is VERY lifelike unfortunately. p.s I’ve got my KINDLE, thought I’d take a while to get used to it but I’ve shocked myself at how much I love it. It’s easy and managable. I can download books instantly, I can highlight something that speaks to me, but the best of all, the BEST of all…is the automatic book mark. LOVE that the best.

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