okay okay okay here are some photo’s of me……


DSC01786 DSC01774 DSC01386 DSC01701 DSC01273 DSC01270 312 304 218 099 074 003


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  1. Whhaaat!! No way! I pictured you TOTALLY different – as in I am not even sure this really is you :-p

    Love the last 3 photos :)))

  2. No, this is me, They are all taken within the last 6 months. Some of them I look thinner because the angle of the camera is from higher up, hence the thinner face!!! πŸ™‚ But the fishing ones with the HUGE boobs were taken about a month ago at my folks’ beach house and they were impromptu and very realistic. The hat was used to try and protect my face from sun enhanced pigmentation..but it didn’t work AT ALL! I am a PROPER PORK PIE, I tell you! and yes, I do smile a lot.

    p.s I was going to only put flattering photo’s of myself up, but then I thought what’s the point? so I’m afraid you’ve seen me in all my glory. 😦

    These photo’s depict different moods and different characters…well, that’s exactly what I’m like. learned and serious the one minute, and chilled and relaxed the next.

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