Describe 3 significant childhood memories; (blog chall 2)


Hope this doesn’t bore you too much:

1- Enid Blyton. Enid and most of her books took up a large amount of my time. I always wanted to be part of the Famous Five. In fact I started my own gang called the Wonderful One. My clubhouse was in the Coral Tree in our front garden on the farm. I loved climbing trees. I was quiet a tomboy yet at the same time spent hours trying on make-up in the bathroom or trying on my mom’s “It’s a Pleasure Party” outfits. I think “It’s a Pleasure Party” was not dissimiliar to Tupperware, Golden Products and Avon? My mom had this kiff red and white polka dotted halter neck dress from the 60’s and it teamed up well with her  pair of glitzy gold sequined ’70’s platforms!

2- Going to the sea to our Beach House. Great Excitement. Days of baking. Days of packing. (I think the sea house was 15kms away!). There we had TRULY, the best memories of my life. I remember before it was modernised, the paraffin lamps and the long drop toilet outside with black and white cowboy comics and the BIGGEST brommers (flies) with green eyes you HAVE EVER seen. It had a very unique smell too. If I smell musty poo, with urine, blazing sun, the sound of brommers, curled up yellowing comics, it sends my senses reeling back to that Long Drop. Oh yes it had a melted used candle in a candle holder in the corner with orange and cream patterns. I think it was enamel. We still go there every Christmas. This year will be my 40th year. and now my kids love it there too.

3- My Granny Peggy’s linen. I think that’s where my love of linen comes from. Granny Peggs. Granny Peggy used to starch her sheets. Her pillows were always well plumped, her linen fresh smelling and cool to the touch and pure percale. She always set her table beautifully with 2 knives, forks, pudding spoon and fork, side plate to your left, starched napkin, each setting had their own salt and pepper. I set my table like that for every meal. 2 knives, fork, side plate, napkin, place mat etc. Not as toffed up as Granny Peggs but similar. I have of course trained Thembisa.

4- My Dad’s vegie garden. Something to behold. He loved it and had everything growing in there. My Mom’s Barberton Daisies (now commonly known as Gerbera’s). My mom was well-known for her Barberton Daisies in our area and used to sell bunches at the local Home Industries.

so many more.


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