blog chall 3- dream home…



  • Huge Aga Stove-that uses wood not coal or oil. like we had when I grew up
  • big antique scrubbed yellow wood table for my family too sit around
  • huge pots of simmering soup for my family and guests
  • big windows which lets in the streaming sun
  • nice cozy corner with a couch and my dog baskets (couch must have dog hair and muddy streaks on the floor)

my bedroom-

  • shag enhancing romantic bedroom
  • percale linen
  • sunny bedroom
  • wingback to read and have some quiet time with my bible
  • chandelier
  • soothing calming colours. feminine
  • John and my special place

en-suite of our bathroom

walk in closet off our bedroom filled with beautiful clothes

2 guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms

Aidan’s room-sunny

Molly’s room in vintage style-sunny

guest bathroom and loo

a library that’s just my space. shelves and shelves of books and a fireplace and comfy chairs. sun streaming through the windows

TV/family/ playroom. homely. fire place. comfy chairs, sunny room

Dining room-with big family table and inspiring art work

Lounge-stunning, sunny room, huge fire place

OFFICE- neat

wrap around stoep. comfy outside eating and seated area.

hammock and pool

stinkwoods and other indigenous trees.

lancsaped garden

Mostly, I must say that I’m def someone that would make a home out of anything.

My dream home must have books and must have John, Aidan and Molly. They are my my dream.


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