if I had a super power, what would it be and what would I do with it first? blog challenge 4


Me not physically mutilating dumb asses on a daily basis is a super power in itself!

We were talking about it the other day. Some folk have malfunctioning filters. Filters of what’s appropriate or not appropriate to say. When to open their yaks and when not to open their yaks.

Last week someone asked me what the plan for Molly was when we aren’t around anymore. A very sensitive subject in the first place. When I mentioned the plans that were in place he gently reminded me, that he’s heard of many cases where the family have offered to help and they’ve landed up moving away or had other responsibilities and ultimately been unable to help care for the person with a disability. Really? You don’t think that’s crossed my mind? You don’t think that I’ve thought of that possibility? Why do you need to tell me? Do I look stupid to you?

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that some people just want to say it. They just want to say whatever it is on their mind. They want you to know what they are thinking whether it’s right or not. At that particular moment as the words tumble freely from their mouths, their filters are malfunctioning. Scrambled if you will.

So my Super Power would be a remote control with a mute button function that works on dumb ass tactless human beings. Something that shuts them up for a full 5 minutes. The remote would be pink, glittery and sparkly. Very similar to Edward Cullen’s (Twilight fame) skin in the sun.



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  1. One thing my Dad always used to say was there are no pills for stupid people!! Sad thing is they probably have no clue how insensitive there comments and questions can be!

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