favourite photo of me and my best friends.


Beacuse I live on a farm, I find my friends scattered all over;

  • for instance I have a great friend Alix that lives in London. She’s a nutritionist. An earnest nutritionist. Here is her link: http://www.fussynutritionist.com/ I met her by accident whilst studying and we’ve been friends ever since.
  • then I have two fab friends that live in Durban. One named Donnae and one named Molly. My daughter Molly is named after her. I haven’t seen Donnae for years but when we speak it’s like we’ve never been apart. She is straight down the line. Has ZERO tolerance for bullshit. She has just started a business called Lucky Bean. Here is the link. http://www.luckybean.co/ For those of you lucky to live in Durbs, this is THE place to take your kids.
  • Then I have two friends in Joburg. Mo and Kloeks. See them once a year and we all have dinner and get royally sloshed on red wine. We mock our husbands and talk about school days and laugh the whole night. Husbands sit their with glum totured faces.
  • In my local city I have Auburn Alice and MJ and Megs. They make me laugh. MJ lectures me on my weight and Auburn Alice guides me spiritually.
  • In another city, 3 hours away is my dear friend Tess. We’ve come a long road together. I have her back 100%. I’ve always had her back, since we were twelve. She’s travelled a long road and come out tops.
  • Then I have my local biaaaaaaatches. Angie, Sam, Cherry, Quinta, Kim, Raymond. . They make me laugh. They pat me on my shoulder when I cry and act all childish.
  • I can name a lot more friends that mean a lot to me: Brigid, Linda, Juliet, Anne, Anne, Nicky, Jo, Jin, Chem, Mandy, Babs, Stephen, Andrew, Justin , Christine, Sanet
  • so many more. I could name. Couldn’t live without my girl friends. Need them for my chats and my coffee sessions. My problem solving moments.

But I know this is naff and vom and just plain cheesy, but, you’ll have to forgive me if I say that my best friend is John. He is. He makes me laugh. He pisses me off. He listens. He gives me unwanted advice. and I guess he just plain loves me. Cellulite, thunder thighs, flabby arms and chorbs and pigmentation and all. Oh yes, I must just mention what an awesomely fab ride he is.



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  1. Love all the pics,must take more of my friends…but we usually are so busy talking and catching up and drinking wine that photos are the last thing we think of

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