chall Day 10-what’s inside my handbag……..


Who cares? seriously. I don’t care what’s inside your handbag, so pretty sure you don’t care what’s inside mine.

But the answer is:

  • my bag would probably classify as a bit of a  “whore se handsak” (whore’s handbag)
  • it’s full of till slips
  • coins in the bottom
  • Some of Aidan’s magnets and rubber egg lookalikes
  • old tissues to wipe up Molly’s nose
  • hidden away choco wrappers so John can’t see how many chocolates I’ve eaten. (remember the old rule? If no-one sees you eat it…it never was)!!!
  • wallet
  • cheque books…yes we still use them in the platteland. Almost phased out though.
  • my kindle
  • Beautiful by Estee Laude
  • My faithful Revlon lipstick that lasts for 24 hours
  • keys to my showroom
  • one or two Rennies covered in fluff at the botom of my bag
  • my iphone

phew!! now I feel quiet violated….. never realised how revealing that could be.

On another note, Molly did well yesterday with her second day of school. I cannot enthuse enough at how FANTASTIC that school is.

Aidan has his ups and downs. He seems to be enjoying school but starts wobbling when we phone him at night. He tells us how much he misses us. Breaks my heart but I remain firm in our descision to send him to that school. He is blossoming there acedemically and on the sports field. Everything is geared for boys and the way they think. and today is Friday, my favourite day of the week. Yay! I fetch him today!

But first I need to drive to my showroom and meet a potential BIG customer there this morning. Feel positive about the potential business. Contract framing work for a big company.

So, so enjoying this new phase of my life. I have direction with Molly, and Aidan is doing well at his school. Plus the new Moms I’ve met at Aidan’s school are a hoot a minute and I’m enjoying their company very much. They are a bunch of straight talking farmers wives. They’re up to date, zhoozsh, and entertaining!

Have a great FRIDAY!!! I know I will.



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  1. As I was typing the web address I was thinking ‘it’s Friday, she must be excited to be picking up Aidan’ 🙂

    Thought you might appreciate this:
    The other night I tell my DH that I haven’t eaten chocolate for ten days (TEN whole days I kid you not, and it’s been a major effort!!!). DH murmurs non-commitedly. I repeat and say it’s a big deal. And he says ‘well I never see you eating chocolate so how would I know’. Too true, sad but still true.

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