The meaning behind my blog name


The Fat Diaries began as a place to practise my writing and initially I was going to reveal my weight and my weight loss journey.

Whatever……..!! The weight loss has never happened. After this blog challenge at the end of Feb, I will have some bombshells to discuss. I’ve stewed over a few subjects lately, but have restrained myself.

So, wait for it, it’s coming.

I like blogging and I love writing. I need to be more uninhibited though. More truthful. and by truthful, I mean truthful by revealing things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Like my weight…or things I’m ashamed of etc etc. like my sneak eating chocolates. I think truth makes for the best kind of writing. Truth has stronger resilience. It is flawless in its execution.

I’d also like to write more about living on a farm and living in the Eastern Cape. The strong social divide. The hearty, colourful and warm people in the Eastern Cape.

I really love it here. and truth be told, Eastern Cape people, for the most part, are unpretentious and hospitable folk.

Unpretentious people just do it for me. am sure you’ve gathered that about me, by now!


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