last meal..chall 10


medium rare rump (not fillet)

salad (rocket, cucumbers, home grown tomatoes, red onion)

sweet potatoe wedges roasted

and anything chocolaty

p.s Aidan had his best drop off yet this morning. no tears or wobbles. He read 9 books this weekend. I like to see what’s going on with his schooling. Well we started reading Dr Seuss’s Wacky Wednesday, Hop on Pop and Green Eggs and ham and he just loved it. Couldn’t stop him. So 3 on Fri, 3 on Sat and 3 on Sunday. Makes me feel better to be part of things must say! That Dr Seuss just warms the cockles of my heart the way he appeals to Aidan’s humour.

Molly Mops is really attached to Fuzzy, our wire haired terrior, and dare I say it, has filled the gap when Aidan is at school during the week. They play for hours with her soft toys on her bedroom floor. I hear her howling with laughter. We have had a few casualties with eyes and accesories. Fuzzy loves to chew anything. So I have to keep an eye on him and wallop him every now and again.

Have a great week.



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  1. LOve sweet potatoe wedges too.
    Glad Aiden is settling at school,cannot be easy for little dude.
    My LO(7) also loves Dr Seuss,especially ‘Green Eggs and ham’ as it has her name in it-thinks the story was written about her.

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