Fave baking recipe……..


I try to follow recipes. I do try. But I’ve yet to ever follow a recipe to the letter.

Here is Aunty Mickey’s cheesecake recipe. It’s easy and it’s the dogs bollocks!

1 pkt marie biscuits

150g melted butter (I only use about 80-100g)

Crush biscuits and pour in melted butter. Line the bottom of  a springform cake tin. Place in fridge.


1 tin condensed milk

1 tub smooth cottage cheese/cream cheese. I use fat-free and it still tastes great.

1 x 250ml cream

150ml lemon juice or 2 slabs melted chocolate for a choc version

2 t gelatine

Pour on top of biscuit base and place in fridge

when the filling is firm after a few hours you can make a topping. Not necessary though.

Take strawberries in juice and add 2-3 t of gelatine. pout over filling when tepid. If it’s hot itll melt the filling and look untidy.

you can do the same with mango, kiwi, granadilla etc etce

when it’s all set, gently loosen springform and release and serve on a cake stand.

A firm dinner party favourite as you can make it before and have more time to chat!!


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