Beacon Marshmallow Easter Eggs……..


So today I’m recovering from an acute case of diarrhea. Commonly known in these parts as Gyppo Guts. On the upside…I lost 2kg’s. On the downside, I have no Fisson paste in the house and live 42kms from the nearest available stock! I don’t really want to elaborate but…..I feel rather weak.

The sad thing is, is that all the rumblings and grumblings didn’t stop me from giving a box of 48 Easter Eggs a right good going over. Yes it’s that bloody time again, when those bloody blue bunny boxes, blink at you from every corner of every shop.

They are so addictive and one is JUST NOT ENOUGH! In fact if truth be told, I don’t even know if two fistfuls are enough?

I can’t believe how expensive they’ve become. I bought the box last week and stashed it in the grocery cupboard and forgot about it.  Yesterday morning I started organising lunch and there…..”shining bright like a diamond” was the rectangular cardboard box of 48’s! And then it began….

Easter time for a chocolate addict is pure torture and exquisite bliss simultaneously. I feel vexed and torn in two.

I have to constantly remind myself of the importance of Easter. The actual meaning of Easter.


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  1. I have managed to resist buying any so far (and it’s only the Beacon ones that will do – the woolworths and pick’npay versions don’t taste as good).

    A few years ago my boss put out a basket of them in the office. In the beginning I managed to restrict myself to one (okay maybe two) a day but towards the end I think I ate about twenty in an hour.

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