Things I’m grateful for……


  • Molly’s school is just FABULOUS. I thank God every time I drop her off and pick her up, for the awesome school. The facilities are top-notch. The support is unsurpassed and her teacher is AMAZING. I LUUUUUURVE the package and the whole deal. I can’t believe how subsidised the school is and how many facilities it has.
  • Aidan has settled in and is flying at his new school. Thanks to Dr Seuss he has developed a love for reading that humbles me every time I listen to him devour a book. He too has a lovely teacher. He has gone cricket mad and has become an independent boy and is loving hostel. He still misses us but we cross that hurdle as we need to.
  • With Aidan at hostel and Molly settled in at her new school, John and I have clung to each other for support. These new changes in our family have made our relationship stronger. We laugh a lot. We tease a lot. And we’re great friends again.
  • But most of all, I’m grateful for the new direction I have with Molls. John and I have a plan for her which makes us feel relieved. I’ll divulge more of this at a later stage when we’ve thrashed it out a bit more. It’s agood plan. It is perfect for Molly and her growth, and it fits in with our family.

So lots to be grateful for. My complex little family that I adore.


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  1. Sounds like things are running smoothly.
    always good to have a long term plan with kids with special needs.
    I have always admired friends of ours who have a daughter with Downs,she is an adult now and they live and worked at an old age home when she was growing up.When she got to the age that she could work she started as a carer at the old age home,she also moved into one of the cottages on the grounds.
    She is totally independant and earning her own income,so no worries if any thing should happen to her parents who are now elderly and recently retired.

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