Being scarce………


I really have been scarce haven’t I?

I just haven’t felt the urge to write on my blog. I have been writing though and saving it on a special folder in my documents.

I need to be frank and truthful when I write and sometimes writing on a blog, one doesn’t even know who’s reading it and that’s unsettling for me. Also sometimes you may need to vent and be all melancholy for a moment. But someone close to you may read it and be all horrified and freaked and start gazing at you with knowing eyes. eeeeuuugh!

So I’m here. My heart is still beating. I’m actually busy.So busy that some nights I collapse into bed buggered. No time for reading and no time for sex. A few weeks back, I was so inundated with work that I was paralysed in fear and rendered immobile. But the moment passed and I took two Rescue pills(as per MJ) and calmed down and carried on. You have to be told sometimes. Pity she can’t get it right to inspire me to lose weight. (I challenge you MJ!)

Countess Kaz is back in the saddle again!

heee haaaaaaa



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  1. Give me permission and I will challenge you Countesskaz! I met a lady this weekend who has lost 14kg’s in 3 months – she has no carbs after 2pm and eats her dinner off a side plate – maybe you should try this. It was my husbands birthday yesterday – I took two Rescue Tablets at 8am – part of his gift was me attempting to be a better wife – those tablets work wonders! Thanks L for introducing them to me!

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