The master of the Stairs! or rather: The Mistress…


To say I’m in a bad mood this morning is putting it mildly. I’ve hardly slept the last 4 nights. 2 due to entertaining guests, 1 from a 21st that went on quiet late and last night from all the snoring from You Know Who and waking up early!

Aidan is back at school. He was absolutely fine this morning.

The holiday went by very quickly. We had a constant stream of guests. I don’t want to see bacon and eggs for a loooooooooooong while.

John and I both enjoy having people over. We love chatting over a glass of wine or coffee. Going for drives or walks on the farm and just the general company. But it’s nice when the times up and they drive off and you can be a family again. and eat toast for supper.

I’m sure I heard Molly say ‘how are you” yesterday. Or rather the sounds and intonation of the words. I was floored. On the up, for her, is that she can walk down stairs now. On the down for John and I, we have no more: “No Molly Zone” in our TV room. No more hiding away and pretending we dont have kids! ****sigh**** sigh**** sigh****. Bit of a bitch really. She used to stand at the top of the stairs and groan or make sounds to call us. It always gave us time to pack away our sneaky chocolates or treats we were eating. Now we have about 30 seconds to hide things!

ahhh the joys…


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