She rakes and rakes and rakes and ……………


Yesterday arvie I made myself popcorn and rented The Life Of Pi on Box Office and quietly licked my wounds in private. Always horrible taking your child back to school after a holiday.  I moped around with a long face and felt totally and utterly sorry for myself.

But today was a new day and I worked like a slave framing and catching up. Tomorrow is a HUGE delivery. Once tomorrow is over I can breathe a sigh of relief and tackle the next job. Framing 6 rugby jerseys, oils, sketches and photographs.

Molls is enjoying all the attention once again and basking in all its glory. Very quick to catch on to that!

Thursday is Art Class. Working on a landscape in oils. I go to art class while Molls is at school. So far I’m enjoying it. Very glad to have a vibrant, kind teacher who prods me along. The women are very talented that I do art class with. John wants me to rather go to gym, but I told him that art class is MY TIME and NO-ONE IS TAKING IT AWAY FROM ME!! His eyes widened at my vehemence! He hasn’t brought it up again.

Autumn is definitely here. Lizzie has been raking up leaves for a few weeks already. Poor thing. She rakes and rakes and rakes and the next morning arrives to find more leaves on the lawn and has to rake again. The joys of this time of the year.

sleep tight.


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