Sisterhood of the travelling BOOK…





the sisterhood of the travelling book

Thanks to my favourite blogger I received this book last week.

What can I say about this book?

  • Jenny is WACKO. Like in odd. Really odd.
  • She has an unusual obsession with animals. Stuffed animals.
  • she is funny
  • she has over 3 million followers on her blog
  • I think having over 3 million followers is awesome. It means you must be doing something enthralling.

I enjoyed reading it. I enjoyed her viewpoint at looking at the world, which is totally off kilter.

Did she make me laugh? Yes.

Is she funnier than Celeste on The Reluctant mom’s blog? HELL NO.

I’m sorry Celeste, you’re way funnier.

I WILL buy your book one day.

Thanks for sending it to me.

NOW, who shall I send it to next? Someone mentioned in an earlier post that they would like it next. Please tell me who you were? and leave your address. Oh and when you’ve finished reading it, please send it on to the next person. It’s worth it!




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