The topic of conversation…..


Everybody’s irritating me. and lots are irritating me more.

I don’t feel like socializing. Let me re-phrase, only feel like socializing with whom I want to. Now, all you townies are nodding your heads in confusion and thinking, well duhhhhh obviously, you only socialize with people you want to? No, doesn’t happen here in the platteland. You socialize with whomever you land up with at the Country Club, or fundraising steakhouse or dinner or 40th or whatever. sometimes I’m the Queen of Small talk, but other times I’m hard-pressed to even give a tight-lipped smile to people I dislike.

People I dislike:

  • arrogant eeeejits
  • know it alls
  • people who don’t have  a sense of humour
  • those filled with self-importance
  • bores
  • bores
  • bores
  • people who battle to engage in a conversation
  • those that answer in monosyllables
  • those that answer ALL YOUR questions about their life/ children/ career/hobbies/ husbands/ sex life/ gardening skills/ latest cooking technique WHATEVER and then don’t enquire about MY LIFE IN RETURN!!!!
  • those that go into detail about every little basic detail and occurence in their children’s lives
  • and especially those who speak about their children in glowing terms…..yawn yawn yawn

Generally speaking, I can cope with most people. I do like people. It’s just those few, that spoil it for everyone else.


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