How to Nip a Nag in the Bud with a 2 litre Ice-cream container…..


Now being a farmer’s wife around these parts, one has to develop one’s baking skills. One usually never departs from ones house without some Tupperware of goodies tucked under ones arm.

It’s cupcakes for the Farmers Association, supper for 20 for R.T., scones for church, a platter for someones funeral etc etc. You get the picture?

Now imagine all these dishes, platters and Tupperware containers (even on the odd occasion 2litre and 5 litre ice-cream containers), all lying together unmarked without one’s name on it? No, it would be chaos right? So, we all mark our containers. I always mark my initials in Black laundry pen khoki on the corner. Some mark theirs in Tippex, in red nail polish and my firm, firm, firm favourite; water proof plasters with their name written on it. You know, Elastoplast! Yes, that’s right!

And I can firmly say, that it doesn’t age well. Although admittedly, our younger generation doesn’t go for that marking style so much. It’s more the older generation. Or one or two of them.

Back to those 2 and 5 litre ice-cream containers. They look so crass, but they are the business! Sometimes John has to go to a function, like a hunt etc and I know the chances of my expensive container coming back is 2% -zero%, so I pop the braai meat into a 2 litre container and Bob’s your Uncle. No mess, no fuss!

Never underestimate the power of a 2litre ice-cream container to Nip a Nag in the Bud!


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