Behind the yellow door………


Few things make my pulse quicken from absolute utter love and delight. Until the other day, I went shopping for flooring for my kitchen, library and office. I discovered wooden vinyl flooring. The floor in the showroom was laid with sections in different colours and different types of flooring.

Well….I almost lay down on that floor and started dry humping it. It was that beautiful.

I do remember smiling a beatific smile and thinking I’d come home.

To my happy place.

Let me start at the beginning…Rome ’64….

I love decorating and the older I get the more eclectic I find my taste. I’m so tired of the French look. The tired Tuscan villa look and tired of shabby chic. Contrived jars, jugs, kitchen ware inscribed with French words that no-one actually knows the meaning of.

oh and tired of cushions and words on walls that bark out orders….like LOVE, EAT, HOME, PLAY etc etc

Those words are so tired. And I’m tired of looking at them.

I have a passion for decor mags and Weylandts fills me with utter calm and peace.

And so I’ve begun the journey of tarting up my kitchen. Not a brand new kitchen mind. I’m having my cupboards painted white, some new cupboards made and granite or Caesarstone tops made, retiling, new blinds, new extractor fan, new gas hob, new floors, painting etc etc.

and so I’ve started becoming a pinterest whore. searching for sugarman. no, just kidding, searching for a kitchen that I like.

I’ve chosen dark wooden vinyl flooring (swoon….), white solid wood cupboards, tops to be confirmed and the colour scheme of Chartreuse yellow and grey.

So exciting.

Here are some pics. (thanks to

actual kitchebn

yellow chairs

vinyl flooring


vinyl floor wood

yellow door

  • loving that yellow door
  • loving the white cupboards
  • loving the random yellow chairs

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