Molly as Scarlett in Gone with the Wind…


It is blowing gales here today. My garden is a mass of leaves and broken branches.

To top it all off, Molls has Scarlet Fever. Yes, me too, I also thought the last person to have Scarlet Fever was before the Anglo Boer War in 1866. But…it’s true, she does.

Scarlet Fever is actually just a strep throat accompanied by a high temp and a scarlet rash all over the body.

It’s all so… Little Women.

All I know is thank goodness for my awesome doctor, who had just come back from a months holiday, in Eastern Europe and met me at his rooms last night in the gale force winds to see my little Scarlett. Thank goodness for suppositories and antibiotics! Love them! You have to love small town doctors.

Anyway need to place a damp, cool cloth on Scarletts forehead as she convalesces on her bed and makes us dance rings around her. For a mute, she’s incredible astute at communicating what she wants!


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