My Letter to a friend about the Grahamstown Festival


Dear M

It was divine having you and Pat here. Aidan really loves you. Thanks for spoiling all of us with curry’s, wines, toys etc

The Tumblin’ Monkeys was a huge hit. The Riet boys loved it to. We enjoyed having them here last week. F suffers from poor self esteem so it took me a few days to sort her out. But we all get on so well and so it was fun.

Went down to ‘Talfred this weekend for one night and Johnzee and I hit the festival. It was 39 degrees Celsius but the folk were still donned in ankle length black trench coats, scarves, ear muffs, gloves and beanies. I have forgotten, having lived in the Border region for 12 years, the hot potato in ones mouth in Grahamstown. John and I were convulsed with laughter for a large part of the day as we watched people, and most especially as we sat munching our Brokwurst, with gherkins, mustard and fried onions at the Village Green! The Festino’s take it all so seriously.

We watched a show, caught some jazz, an orchestra and opera, wandered through a few art exhibitions. John handled it all very well except for one art exhibition in a massive hall at the monument. The whole room comprised of two biggish mannequins dressed in 1820 settler type outfits in Purple, complete with wedding dress train, fabric twirls and swirls. John said he couldn’t understand what the moer that was all about, maybe he should take the artist to a Bonsmara Bull sale and she can understand the same confusion and boredom he feels? The exhibition was entitled: “The Purple shall rule the World”

I bought a magnificently beautiful jug from Happyware, 2 scarves, and bead necklaces. Big chunky things.


Have a great week. Bloody chilly here today. John burning firebeaks and in an irritable mood.

Chat soon




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